Welcome to Join Lobbies!

Join Lobbies is a free service accessible by gamers of every platform. The purpose of the service is to enhance the matchmaking experience for a variety of games and allow gamers to organize events.

With Join Lobbies, you can either plan a lobby ahead of time or host one real-time and have people chat with each other until the desired amount of players have been reached!

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RSVP System

Quickly RSVP to lobbies which interest you, or as the creator: view an organized list of all gamers who wish to play on your lobby. Even get reminded via e-mail when the lobby is about to begin!

Organized Lobby Listing

It's as easy as choosing the game you wish to play, selecting the platform you will be gaming on, and organizing by: popularity, availability, or start time. You can even search through the lobbies by creator/title/keywords.

Promote Your Lobbies

Encourage even more gamers to attend your lobbies through our promotional service. Your lobby will stick to the top of the list with other promoted lobbies until it concludes!

I've been waiting for a service like this for years!
bubbatannous1, Member
From a web designers point of view, the site is beautiful. Everything is slick, the UI is great and the responsive side of it functions really nice too.
DonMildreone, Member